QCMobile API

The following document is intended for developers who want to write applications that can interact with the QCMobile API. The API is provided by FMCSA for the purpose of making available, the safety performance data of U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) registered motor carriers. The primary goal is to encourage the development of products, tools or services that can help consumers more easily access registration information, licensing, insurance, authorization and also safety records of motor carriers.

QCMobile API Services

The QCMobile API provides safety data in response to three different input parameters:

  1. Carrier Name (Legal Name or DBA Name)
  2. Carrier's unique U.S. DOT number
  3. Carrier's motor carrier docket Number.

API Access information

  • All access to the API requires an API key at the end as a query parameter, see API access
  • All API calls return data in JSON format.
  • When the API returns data on more than one carrier, data is limited to the first 50 carriers. Please use query parameter start?number to get segmented result.


The path for all API resources must start with: https://mobile.fmcsa.dot.gov/qc/services/. The following are the Endpoints:

EndPoint Name Query Parameters Example
/carriers/name/:name start=number, size=number /carriers/name/greyhound?webKey=jk+k...
/carriers/:dotNumber /carriers/44110?webKey=jk+k...
/carriers/docket-number/:docketNumber/ /carriers/docket-number/1515?webKey=jk+k...
/carriers/:dotNumber/basics /carriers/44110/basics?webKey=jk+k..
/carriers/:dotNumber/cargo-carried /carriers/:dotNumber/cargo-carried?webKey=jk+k..
carriers/:dotNumber/operation-classification /carriers/:dotNumber/operation-classification?webKey=jk+k..
carriers/:dotNumber/docket-numbers /carriers/44110/docket-numbers?webKey=jk+k..
carriers/:dotNumber/authority /carriers/44110/authority?webKey=jk+k..

API Response Data Elements - Example

Please refer to API response elements page for all defined API response elements.

Error Codes

Possible error codes returned in case of errors such as authentication or other data request errors:

  • 401 Unauthorized
  • Bad request 400
  • Not found 404
  • Internal Server Error 500
  • General Application Exception
  • Unknown Resource Exception

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