Getting Started

This Quick Start tutorial will guide you through the steps to get started with the QCMobile API. You'll get an API key that will enable you to connect an application of your creation to the FMCSA QCMobile API, and query for information on carriers through FMCSA's database.

  1. Get an Account

    Visit the info page to create or sign in to a account, as well as learn how the process works. Once you have signed in with your account and filled in all requested details, you are ready to create your WebKey.

  2. Create a WebKey

    Now, let's create a WebKey so that you can access the API. With a WebKey, you can create an application that can make RESTful queries to the API and retrieve carrier data. With your new username and password, log in to your new account. Once logged in, select My WebKeys, then Get a new WebKey. Fill out the form.

    1. Application Name: The name of your application that will use the FMCSA API.

    2. Type of Application: Will you be using the FMCSA API for commercial, non-commercial, or academic (education) purposes?

    3. How many users: An estimate of how many users will access with this WebKey. For example, if you are creating an app to query the API that will be used by 50 people, choose 100 or less.

    4. Application Description: A brief description of your application's functionality.

    5. Client Secret: A unique code word of your choice that is used to seed the WebKey random generator. This must be unique in your account, so if you create another WebKey, use a different client secret.

    Click create, and you'll be taken to a screen with your new WebKey.

  3. Make a Query

    You now have access to the FMCSA QCMobile API. Let's make a simple query with your WebKey to see how it all works. Try this URL in a web browser, and replace YourWebKeyHere with the WebKey you received in Step 2 above.

    You should recieve back a JSON object with information on a carrier. If there are any issues with your request, the response will instead contain information about the error.

    You are ready to build an application to use the full features of QCMobile API. For full documentation on the supported queries, response elements, and more, see the respective Documentation pages.

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